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About Shirdi

Saibaba is GOD who walked on earth.

Around 1854 AD A young man wearing a ragged robe came to Shirdi some time later he moved out of Shirdi and arrived again around 1858 with a marriage party after that he never left Shirdi during his life time he was Saibaba of Shirdi.

He resided dilapidated mosque named by him as “Dwakamai” , maintain dhuni an ever burning fire place and resided quran and bhagwat Gita. Till today no one knows whether he was Hindu or Muslim.

The name Saibaba was given to him by his devotee Mhalsapati. He use to give Udi from Dhuni for treatment of physical illness, mental and spiritual upliftment.

Saibaba use to ask and sometime insist money as Dakshina. He use to give away all the money collected to poor the same day. He beg for food from five homes and ate along with birds and animals whatever was offered.

He lived a poor man’s life. Saibaba repeatedly told that there was only one god. All religions with different name & traditions were leading to the same goal. He gave massage of love, unity and truth to all mankind.

To devotees Saibaba is more than Saint